Romina Farinelli was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She worked organizing and coordinating events in 5 Star hotel chains such as Hyatt, Kempinski, Marriott and Emperador in South America.

Driven by design, decoration and art. Lived in different countries and had the chance to continue developing her vocation. While residing in the US she discovered a passion for floral art and had the chance to study at the Flower School of New York. Her continuous search for perfection in this art took her to assist seminars from designers like Preston Bailley (USA), Lewis Miller (USA), Andres Cortes (Colombia) and Gregor Lersch (Germany).

Moving to Switzerland did not interrupt her passion for floral art but on the contrary it pushed it one step forward. She obtained the Diploma of Assistant Animateur Florale Artistique from the Societe Nacionale d’Horticulture de France and is candidate for next levels.  She actively participates in seminars and competitions in Europe, searching always for continuous personal and professional growth.