How to care Orchids: the Phaleanopsis is the one species  you always see in offices, grocery stores, etc.


Here are a few care tips:

  1. arrangements_09DO NOT OVER WATER. Orchids in the wild grow on trees, so their root systems cannot be submerged in water (or dirt) like a normal houseplant. Ideally the pot will have a hole in the bottom that the water can run through, but if not, just put one cup water every 7-10 days (less if the orchid is inside not near sunlight, more if the orchid gets a lot of diffused light).
  2. Keep in bright, indirect light. Not outside, not near heating or air conditioning vents.
  3. When blooms fade, just pluck off. When the entire stem has no more blooms, cut the stem at the base near the leaves and keep caring for it as usual. It will re bloom in a few months (provided there is enough light.)